Nana Campana


I am a recognized expert in the field of digital design, mixed-media art, and scrapbooking. In the past couple of years I have helped pioneer the Faithbooking revolution, where I have helped bring purpose to the scrapbooking industry by teaching women how to leave a legacy of their faith journey through the arts. As an experienced speaker and educator, I have been invited to speak, teach, and transform lives through the process of what I have come to know as “healing art” all throughout the country.

My passion to see women thriving in the gifts and strengths they were given has led me to commit and ensure that every woman has a chance to uncover her passions while receiving the tools she needs in order to cause her world revolution! Coming from a rough background of a severe depression doctor’s claimed I would struggle with for life, I am the proof that indeed MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN.

I have been published in multiple magazines and have had the privilege of representing renowned manufacturers at trade shows. People say that my passion and drive are contagious and have led me to help many women and entrepreneurs take their lives and their careers from “ashes to beauty”

I am into the business of making what seems to be impossible a reality – of motivating women to reach the dreams they never thought they could reach – of uncovering beauty from the dirtiest of places! Simply put, I am a committed life-changer, beauty giver, and heart sculptor who KNOWS that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE!

“She is a woman of strong moral fiber – a powerhouse of creative force – a source of boundless dreams.” – Astrid F. (Miami, FL)

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